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Computer Circuit, Inc. Managed IT Services

When your IT is down, so is business. With our help, you can reduce or eliminate the stress, challenges, and costs of trying to meet your own IT requirements. Our clients get the highest level of attention from a team of technology experts who bring best practices to the task of making your network be the best it can be.  We provide managed IT services in Knoxville, TN and the surrounding areas.

Your data is your business

You may not realize how much you have invested in your data. The information you've gathered over many years is one of your most valuable business assets. From customer contact info to accounting records to inventory, you need that data to operate your business.
Data Protection Services

Manage your IT to manage your business

With our expertise, you can reduce or eliminate the stress, challenges, and costs of trying to meet your own IT needs. Our attention to detail minimizes downtime and promotes the greatest technological efficiency in order to support your employees in all that they do.
Managed IT Services

VoIP lets you be heard all over the world

Connect to any location in the world with VoIP technology, which allows you to make and receive calls over a high-speed Internet connection. VoIP phone systems are not only less expensive than traditional phone systems, they're also more flexible, reliable and scalable.
Voice over IP
Productivity and end-user satisfaction are among the top issues in maintaining IT services. Your employees count on good performance from their desktop and laptop computers every day. Their success, and yours, depends on efficient computer operation. Our IT services offer proactive maintenance, comprehensive virus and malware protection, and responsive tech support so your employees aren't stymied by technical problems but have what they need in order to do their best work.

Because your servers are the core of your business network, you've got to ensure their reliability. Our services include proactive monitoring, patching, and maintenance to assure you of healthy servers and protected data. Choose from among numerous server management plans so you get the right services at the right price.

Using best practices, our dependable IT services and team of tech support experts diligently monitor your system to keep your network at its highest performance level. Our dedicated tech supports specialists manage your IT systems so you can focus on what really matters: how to make your business thrive.

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